Tractor shopping

In 1958, father and I took a salesman from West Regional Tractors, Launceston in our car to the Hill Fort, Bury Down with the intention of buying a Massey Ferguson tractor, we wanted a private place to discuss terms! After negotiations a deal was made for two MF 4 cylinder 35s’ for £646 each. One was a good starter, the other a ‘pig’ to start, which was replaced later with a 3 cylinder model. After many years of hard work, we are now fitting new clutches to both. see picture.

I recall that around the same time 50 years ago, I drove the tractor to Taphouse after a blizzard to get shopping at Squances Stores for mother. We were cut off by snow, with part of the road covered ‘hedge to hedge’ so I had to make a detour through fields. At the time, my wife to be, Barbara worked at Farm Industries, Taphouse and her mother lived nearby, hence plenty of tea and cake on arrival.

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Dr Who

David sailing with Dr Who (Patrick Troughton)

Looking Back over our bed and breakfast visitors book I recall a visit by Patrick Robin Troughton, later becoming the second Dr. Who on TV. He stayed here on the farm with his parents on August 14th 1937, August 8th 1938 and August 12th 1939, commenting “As nice as one could possibly wish.”  The photo shows left to right, myself age 13, Molly Troughton, Mrs Dorothy Evelyn Troughton and Patrick Troughton age 17 on a boating trip at Looe.

Memories are made of this.

Photo by Mr A G Troughton

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Introducing David Tamblyn

David Tamblyn

Hello I’m David, I have lived on our farm at Botelet in Lanreath Parish Cornwall since I was born in 1924. I cycled to school at Liskeard, a round trip of 16 miles and have farmed here ever since. I married Barbara in 1956 and today with daughter Julie, son Richard and his wife Tia, we farm around 300 acres of grass land.  The most recent addition to our family in August 2012 was our grand-daughter Cyra.

My father Cyrus who lived here from 1884 – 1987, made a big contribution to family life and passed his wisdom on to many.

To balance the farm (and its books) we have some holiday accommodation. My mother Ella started doing bed and breakfast in the 30s.

I take a keen active interest in daily projects going on around the farm. My hobbies are playing the organ, meeting people, travelling, eating chocolate and laughing.

I started a blog back in 2007 and we’re moving it to this new site – we look forward to sharing a few moments from past and present.

Happiness is a journey not a destination. Jan (nickname)

Originally posted by David Tamblyn February 2007