1944 Onwards. HADS Memories

HADS memories

Before the arrival of TV how did people get their entertainment?  One way was to join the local Dramatic Society which many did from the parishes of St Pinnock, Duloe and Lanreath.  From the Duloe area came a person of dramatical flair and devotion to the arts in the name of Norman Arthur.  One has to pay tribute at the outset for his enthusiasm and flair for this form of entertainment.  And so was born the Herodsfoot Amateur Dramatic Society – HADS for short.  The company acted plays and rehearsed in Herodsfoot schoolroom.  As time went by they became ever more popular and production went out to villages such as Lanreath, Pensilva, St Cleer, Morval, Menheniot, Dobwalls and St Neot, culminating in the Public Hall, Liskeard.  There was a petrol drive electric lighting set which was taken to where it was needed.  After rehearsals in the autumn months, members would attend a final one and then give their play in the venue which was well advertised and attended.  One loyal member would entertain on the piano while the audience got seated.  Then with the piano light being switched on and off the playing would end and the play begin.  Such plays as ‘Quiet Weekend’, ‘The Wrong Box’, ‘Up the Garden Path’, ‘The Middle Watch’ and others.  In attendance would be the lady Cornish Times reporter, Bernice Bunn, who usually gave an excellent write-up.  For posterity the names of those involved are as follows:

Norman Arthur, manager of lighting, producer and leader; Geoffrey Pearse, Mrs Batten, Loveday Batten, Mr Hother, George Graham, Mr Easy, producer; John Boynton: Rev Faull; Miss Pengelly; John Whybrow; Francis Pearse, James Northcott, Alan and Mary Verrin, Mrs Oriss, Mr Honey, Mr and Mrs Fishnick, Mr Barker, Vesta and Eunice Arthur, Rev Paget, Tryphena Harris, Phyllis Eded, Mrs Riddle, Francis Collingwood (County drama advisor), Freddie Saunders, Rosemary Chapman, Ethel Medland, Mrs Boynton, Jim Keast, Malcolm Oliver and Leonard Pearse.

Humorous Incidents:

Raffle to guess the weight of Rev Faull.

Rev Faull, although blind, was always ready for a laugh.  One day for a raffle, he agreed to a ‘Guess your weight’ competition.  The time came when he had to be weighed, great fun followed when he had to sit in a chair, be hoisted to a spring balanced attached to a tripod in the schoolroom.  He enjoyed the experience as did the other contestant and was very pleased to partake.

When petrol ran out for the engine and the lighting failed

Members with Special Responsibilities:

Scenery – Elizabeth Tamblyn

Producers – Norman Arthur and Mr Easy

Prompter – Miss Pengelly

Schoolteacher – Mrs Orris

Caretaker – Mr Honey

Pianist – Mr Baker

Stage set-up – Leonard Pearce

Happy memories

Originally posted by David Tamblyn 15 July 2011


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