An Ambition

Fly Plane

I was 24 years old when I learnt to fly with Plymouth Aero Club at Roborough.  The aircraft was an Auster built by the Taylor Aircraft Co (England) under license from the USA Taylor Craft Aviation Company from 1935, and some 1600 were produced.  They were made in Thurmaston, Leicestershire.

My father Cyrus Tamblyn would say with pride that he was the owner of the second car in Lanreath Parish: a model T Ford.  With that in mind the thought came to me, “Why not be the first flyer in Lanreath Parish?”  So I became friendly with a Mr R R Barber from Polperro who was a keen pilot.  I became a member of the Plymouth Aero Club and booked lessons.  My instructur was Wing Commander R J B Pearse and with him the lessons began at 30 shillings an hour.  He was a flying enthusiast and a good friend.  After nine hours of instruction including how to get out of a stall, he said I was ready to go solo.  With his departing words, “Be sure and bring the plane back as we are short of them!  If you have any doubts about landing, go round again”.  So coming in to land I thought of his advice and went around again.  By the time I came to land, five tender were standing by.  But it was a successful landing.  One day we flew to the Downs at Buccaburrow near Trecangate, Lanreath.  I had to verify to the instructor that there were no stones in this large landing field.  I had checked this before.  Mother and father who were expecting us had lit a fire so that we could see the wind direction.  After this we went home and Mr Pearse had no trouble taking off.  Having had my first and last solo flight and achieved my mission, I am content and thrilled to fly with four hundred other passengers in a Boeing 747 and look forward to a flight in the latest plane – the A380.


Originally posted by David Tamblyn 28 March 2010


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