“Go faster” said the policeman

DTT bike

We used to leave Liskeard Secondary School at 4.10pm each day.  It was an eight mile ride back home.  In winter, by the time we got to Dobwalls it would be dark.  I travelled with my schoolmates on our bikes.  Coming into Dobwalls the local policeman, Mr Benny, spotted me cycling quite slowly.  “I see boy you’ve got not light”.  “I do have a light, Sir”, I replied.  “Then show it to me”, he said.  So I lifted the bike’s back wheel off the ground and spun it with the pedals as there was a dynamo attached to the wheel.  Immediately a brilliant light appeared.  “You are travelling too slowly boy, be on your way and go faster”.

We were usually seven cyclists and we called ourselves The Light Brigade.

Originally posted by David Tamblyn 22 August 2010


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