Esau the Chicken


Many years ago we had an unlucky incident with our poultry.  From Kenneth Uglow we had 200 chickens which were about two months old.  We put them in a large chicken house which, because of its colour, was called the Red House.  As the chicks were still requiring some heat there was a heated by oil lamp canopy, which made a nice warm shelter for them.  Having settled them in to our satisfaction we left them for the night.  Uncle Tom, Dad’s brother who was living with us, had retired for the night.  About an hour after this he came down the stairs to us in the kitchen saying “Excuse me in my shirt, but I can see a fire in the chicken house”.  We rushed out to see the chicken house well alight and too far gone to call the fire brigade.  The oil lamp for their heat had been over-filled and exploded.  So we retired with regret for over-filling the lamp.  Next day we found one chick still well alive.  This chick continued life and would roost nightly on our farm entrance granite gatepost.  Dad in his usual attitude in adversity named it Esau because Esau the rest perish.

Posted by David Tamblyn


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