Sheep dipping

Sheep dipping Tamblyns Botelet

As well as our own sheep, we used to do contract dipping for local farmers.  Farms such as Wilton, Trewills, Trewen, West Park, Woodlay, Trago, Budithiel, Pennellick, Penventon, Connon, South Park, Lanwarnick and Pelyne.  The sheep were walked by road and the journey timed so that returning flocks did not meet arriving flocks.  These times were notified by post card.  A policeman would be in attendance having journeyed on his bicycle, to ensure by law that the sheep were in the dip for one minute, four at a time.  The dip liquid consisted of arsenic with a colouring of green or red.  This proved that the sheep had been dipped.  The trough was constructed of brick, hauled by horse and cart from Looe.  Someone fell in the trough one day and Lewis Chudleigh, who was manning the long-handled dipping crook, said it was so funny he needed someone to join in the laughter.  The trough was made safe in 2006.

The photograph above shows David Tamblyn (left) and Cyrus Tamblyn (right) dipping sheep at Botelet Farm c.1944.

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